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Konnichi wa!! So you are looking where to buy clothes, accessories and kawaii stuff? If you came to this store it is because our website identifies with what you are looking for, and with your style.

Since in our kawaii shop you will find a select but precious selection made especially for you, and with that kawaii touch that men, women and children like so much, which will fit perfectly with your personality.

Maybe you also like cosplay but what better than kawaii cosplay, right? We have an exclusive section for you in our kawaii shop for COSPLAY COMPLETE SETS. Finally, do not miss the new section of accessories and KAWAII CLOTHES FOR YOUR PET , and increase the kawaii effect on your pet !!.

In this way we welcome you, hoping you find what you are looking for. (Attention our shop is still growing, sorry if a category is not listed yet, will be soon)


Can you imagine that suddenly you find yourself in a place and everything that surrounds you is a collection of kawaii outfits that are perfectly combined and ready for you to wear? Well, only here in our kawaii shop, we bring you a beautiful but small selection of various kawaii sets, here you will find kawaii outfits for young and old, men and women alike.

Directly from the designers to your hands. But do not worry, if yours is not a complete set and you want to go for your own combination, below this section you will find many KAWAII CATEGORIES from which to choose your own kawaii style.


And What Does Kawaii Mean?

You may have wondered why, is that the Japanese use the word kawaii many times. Well I tell you that Kawaii is a japanese word that means "cute, beautiful, pretty and adorable", and you can imagine that it is also used as an expression at the moment in which something surprises you, because of how adorable or beautiful that something is or someone is, in that moment.

Sometimes you even use the word kawaii when the function or action of someone or something, surprises you, but a surprise in a good way.

How To Pronounce Kawaii?

No, don't feel embarrassed, not everyone pronounces this word well, except of course for the Japanese speakers. The correct way to pronounce the word kawaii is simply by putting these 3 syllables together: kuh-wai-ee. And that's all.

Do You Want To Look Like An Anime Girl But With A Kawaii Touch?

And who said you couldn't look like an anime girl without entering the world of cosplay? Just with kawaii clothes you can and you will. Just choose your favorite kawaii garment before it runs out.

Well, I tell you that, because here in our kawaii shop you will find everything you need to look like your favorite anime character, but without going into cosplay. Just looking kawaii.

By The Way, What Is The Difference Between Kawaii Fashion And Cosplay?

Kawaii Fashion Is.........

Now you know what kawaii means, you can imagine that kawaii fashion is a style of dressing that mixes adorable with casual clothing. representing a way of life for many people, but you should try not to confuse cosplay with the kawaii style, since the kawaii style is more of the day to day dressing here some examples.

Cosplay Is..........

On the other hand cosplay is to dressing, representing your favorite characters from anime or series of your liking. Whether it is for dressing casual, for an anime convent or a cosplay contest, on our website thestore.top you will find everything you need, for both cases, whether it is for cosplay with kawaii style or select casual kawaii clothes.Here some examples of cosplay.


And the day comes when it's time to cosplay. So don't stay as a simple fan of your most beloved character, don't miss the occasion thinking about the character you adore the most in this world, just become your character and at the same time aim to be adorable with this great selection, which we have prepared just for you, so go and win the contest, or maybe you want to impress your boyfriend or girlfriend......... In a more private occasion maybe....... i mean that kind of ocassion which we may not be able to mention here :D.

Anyway, when the time comes, here you will find everything you need to get a complete cosplay outfit, from the small accessories, to the cute wig, the perfect dress, the cool t-shirts, to the sneakers and the right shoes, no longer look for each accessory separately, here on our kawaii shop you will find everything ready to go, and what better than in all sizes, yes, i say IN ALL SIZES, only for you to choose your perfect kawaii outfit according to the occasion.

How To Be Kawaii?

According to us, being kawaii is part of your personality, in reality we are all kawaii in our own way, either with our attitude, or with the things we achieve every day, we are kawaii every time we achieve great things, every time we improve as persons, or also when we create new things, things that come out of our imagination, and are different from the usual or common.

How To Look Kawaii?

The kawaii look is to dress in bright colors with colors that represent you, as in Japan, where everyone wear as they want, in rainbow colors, pink, yellow or green, with high-top shoes or sneakers, with colored boots, and even with black and white. Not to mention the creatures and the animals with big eyes and finally we also have the food and the smiling inanimate objects, stamped on everything that one can wear. That's to dress in the kawaii style. And here on our kawaii shop you will find a lot of kawaii fashion.

But So, What Is The Kawaii Style?

This is a very good question, but in order to tell you I have two versions, one the short one and the other the longer one, let's go with the first one.

The kawaii style is in short to add tenderness to inanimate objects or animals, we already know that certain animals generate tenderness on their own, as well as the panda, however with the kawaii style we further magnify the effect of tenderness that a panda can have by adding it big eyes and a wide smile on the mouth. In short that is the kawaii style.

But going into more detail. Its origin dates back to Japan in the 60s, in those years the word kawaii was only used for its semantic meaning, that is, it was only used for what gave the feeling of tenderness, such as babies for example, and also animal babies. However, in the mid-60s, the idea of ​​placing large eyes on the stuffed animals arose, that is, it was basically the first time that the kawaii style was used, applying it on an inanimate object, but still it was not something that has been used massively until the 80s.

Already entering the 80s, Japan was at a peak of quite fruitful socio-economic production, and what was imparted as maturity in the adults of Japan at that time, stopped making sense, because they could afford the freedom of being somewhat immature, This led to many things being designed with the kawaii style, starting from toys, animals, clothes, video games, manga, anime, to famous singers, idols, etc. Even everyday objects such as food, serving utensils, desserts, fruits, etc. Kawaii-style cars were even made back then, a complete revolution.

Already in the 90s, the kawaii style was no longer seen as something new, a product of the commercial overexploitation back in the 80s, but consequently, quite widespread in all eastern cultures such as Korea, China, even Taiwan, widely accepted and appreciated by 100% of the Japanese population, although in the West it continues to be seen as something too childish, the kawaii style is so big and beautiful that it transcends all borders, and it continues to be liked by young and old, although with a predilection it is mostly appreciated in the west by otakus.


Our pets will always be kawaii, by themselves, but....... Have you ever imagined having a pet lion? What about a panda? or why not a pokemon? Now is your chance, get your hands on these incredible kawaii accessories and pet outfits and turn your current pet into the creature you always dreamed of having, multiply by thousands the natural kawaii style that your pet already enjoys!.

Since in case you did not imagine it, your pet also has the right to look kawaii!!!. Then make your pampered pet look kawaii too, together with you, with this amazing selection that we have prepared for your pet, take them before they run out.

One last recommendation: Always remember to measure yourself or your pet all the body meaurements to compare your measurement with the size table that each product includes in the product description, and finally when you are selecting the appropriate size, try as much as possible to opt for a larger size to ensure that the size of the products fit you perfectly.

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